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Aside from a rocky start (when leaving the house I walked face first into a triple spider web of doom....hilarity didn't ensue), yesterday Jorge and I celebrated our 13 year anniversary! I must say, the day was pretty perfect. We had a long and relaxing brunch at the Blue Moon Fish company in Fort Lauderdale, then drove around the beach. On our way back we went shopping at Buffalo Exchange (hell yeah Stop Staring dress for a steal!), and then spent the evening sharing stories ... and laughing with my visiting family and our two furbabies.

It was pretty perfect because it's our first anniversary in a long time that felt like normal. This time last year, Jorge was less than two months into recovering from his kidney transplant surgery. Everything felt like touch and go, and his medicine plus size prom dresses 2019 cocktail gave him awful mood swings. For the two years before that he was run down from dialysis and didn't feel like himself. The two years before that his health had been in decline and he didn't know what was happening and why he felt so bad.

So yesterday just felt normal. Or what I hope our new normal is from here on out. <3

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