steampunk prom dress

Hey friends who like games and/or solving murder mysteries: My friend Will Bellomy has written several murder mystery party games that Cody and I have had the good fortune to play test. His themes are interesting and fun (steampunk, wild west, 80s prom . . . to name a few), the characters have depth and the mystery is hard enough to be challenging but is solvable by a group of determined and cooperative party goers. Plus, dressing in themed costumes and solving a murder myste steampunk prom dress ... ry with a group of your closest friends is always a good time.

He is going to give it a real go to get some of his games published. If you might be interested in supporting something like this (kickstarter campaign coming soon) please visit the link below and sign up as a member. You will not be spammed, but you WILL get a heads up when the campaign starts. If this is something you have always wanted to try anyway, consider supporting my friend Will. Good games created by good people.

p.s. to those for whom this matters, Will and his family are major Shadow's Fund volunteers, fosters, supporters and do so much for homeless animals. Not supporting Will means you hate puppies.

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